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So you’re interested in a wrist-watch. We’re happy to hear it. Consider yourself part of a dying breed. A freakin’ endangered species, in fact. Not a lot of guys wearing watches these days. Everyone would rather look at their stupid smart-phone or computer screen.

front of SNAE97 with large face and three sub dials and chronograph. Watch has a black and green face with large hands.But not you. You prefer to go the classy route. To continue a long-standing custom that was started in time of war. That’s right, the wrist-watch, according to many different accounts, came to be as a necessity in battle.

We used to go around sporting pocket-watches, on a chain, sitting comfortably in a vest or jacket pocket. Wearing a watch on your wrist was considered a “girly” thing to do. Wrist-watches were considered jewelry back then and a real man wouldn’t be caught dead with it on his wrist.

That is, until men were called to war, and wearing your watch dangling on a chain wasn’t just considered impractical, it could downright get you killed. Military units ordered men to wear their watches on their wrist. Battle plans called for time-sensitive strategies and they would be damned if an attack was botched because Private Poindexter got his watch chain tangled in his bayonet.

The era of the wrist-watch had begun.

Don’t believe me? Look it up. You don’t think I’d make up something like that, do ya?

Here at the Manly Watch Guide, we never forget our beginnings. Where we came from. The wrist-watch has seen its ups and downs in our culture for generations. Yet it has always endured. No matter what, and even today, with technology making everything in our lives “easier”, there are still men who want the sophistication, durability, elegance, and tradition of a good wrist-watch.

But we’re always looking to the future as well, for the latest innovations, the stuff we’ll all be talking about tomorrow…and, of course, the trends that will set the pace for wrist-watches to come.

high tech sony digital smart watchTake a look around, there is a lot to see here. We spotlight all kinds of watches with all kinds of functions at all kinds of different prices. You can get some tips on how to pick out the right watch, get some information on the popular types of watches that guys are buying, and we won’t try to confuse you with a bunch of technical nonsense. We like to keep things simple here.

Want a hardcore military watch that’s practically indestructible? No problem. Are you a scuba diver looking for a quality dive watch? We got you covered.  Are you a pilot (or just want people to think you are :) )? Check out these classic aviator watches. Do you work in law enforcement or disaster recovery? No sweat, these are the tactical watches you’ve been looking for.

Wanna Buy a Watch?

citizen 300 meter dive watch with rubber strapLet’s be honest, guys are often stereotyped as clueless when it comes to purchasing anything other than video games and beer. But if you’ve come to visit this site, we’re betting you don’t subscribe to that stereotype.

You’re probably not shopping at the nearby Target for your timepiece, but maybe you don’t plan on spending a few thousand bucks on a Rolex or Omega either. You certainly don’t need a luxury brand to get something that’s dependable and looks great on your wrist.

There are plenty of options out there for just about any budget and you don’t need some long-winded buying guide to help you pick the timepiece that’s right for you. This really isn’t all that complicated, it just comes down to asking yourself some basic questions about personal preference. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think.

What Do You Wanna Spend?

This is seriously the best place to start. Are you on a budget or are you looking to spend some serious cash on this thing? Know before you go, and that will help you select the best watch that you can realistically afford.

Don’t think you NEED to spend a lot of money either and don’t be swayed by labels or what some other dude is wearing. This is your watch. You spend what you want on it. There are plenty of options that are inexpensive, yet durable and attractive.

close-up of the analog Timex t49825Do You Want Analog or Digital?

This is one of those personal preference choices. You either dig the look of a classic analog face or would rather get something with a modern digital readout.

There are pros and cons to both, one usually has more features over another, the other is a more elegant aesthetic, but both tell the time just the same. Read our examination below for a closer comparison between them.

Did Do Your Research First?

There’s nothing worse than going into something uninformed. Go read up on the important aspects of a wrist-watch. Learn the lingo. Know what movement choices are out there.

Do you want Swiss, quartz, or kinetic? Some watches need a battery, others are self-winding with the motion of your arm. I know, it sounds like work. Well, this is an investment that’s supposed to last a long time, put some effort into it before you spend you hard-earned cash.

What are Complications All About?

analog watch with complications that include chronograph and stop watchNo, this isn’t about all the obstacles you’re likely to encounter when you’re buying a watch. Complications are the extra features you’ll find on your timepiece.

These can range from anything to a date and calendar, to a chronograph, to a stopwatch, an altimeter, even a thermometer.

What do you need, exactly? No reason to drop extra cash on stuff you’re never going to use. Sure it might look or sound cool, but do you really need the extra bells and whistles? Up to you, man.

Narrow Down Your Search

These are just some of the guidelines you should keep in mind when you’re ready to buy your watch. Just remember, it’s going to be on your wrist.

You’re the one that has to look at it every day, do you need diamond encrusted hands and a platinum bezel ring? What are you, 50 Cent? Be practical. That doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt some bling, but if you’re the type of guy who spends a lot of time outdoors, then you may want more functional additions to your watch instead of precious metals and fancy jewels.

Analog or Digital: Which One Do You Want?

As we mentioned before, one of the primary considerations you have before you when selecting your watch is the choice between analog and digital. Some of you might wonder if one is actually better than the other, are there inherent advantages to selecting an analog over a digital watch or vice versa?

digital fitness watch with red bandFrankly, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Picking analog or digital is really dependent upon your specific likes and dislikes in a timepiece. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, it’s all in how you look at it.

It all boils down to this: what do you want from your watch? Tell time, yes of course, but what about the kind of environment you plan to wear it in?

Is it a watch for dressy events or will you be wearing it for every occasion? Maybe you just like the look of one type of watch over the other. The comparisons couldn’t be simpler obviously, but there are definite benefits and drawbacks to each of them…

What You Should Know About Analog

These watches contain a display with the 12 hours, an hour hand, minute hand, and second hand, all of them revolving around the face throughout the course of a day. They’re usually easy to read and come with a limited amount of extra features.

analot pilot watch with sub dialsYou can sometimes get a chronograph, a calendar, a few other gadgets, all of which will increase the price of the watch, sometimes rather exponentially. But many people will often purchase these kinds of watches because of their elegant and sophisticated look, appropriate for almost any occasion.

Collectors will often prefer these watches because most aficionados seek out analog watches for their expert craftsmanship and complex mechanics. Does this necessarily makes analog a better choice?

It is, if analog is the watch you prefer to own and it contains all of the elements in a watch that you want.

The Digital Basics

These are the more technologically advanced timepieces, containing digital readout displays that often light up and are easily seen in the dark. They often have a beefier, forward thinking aesthetic and contain all kinds of useful and perhaps superfluous additional features.

casio digital watch wih rubber strapThese can range from the simplistic, like a stopwatch, alarm (sometimes even a dual alarm) or calendar to the more advanced, such as a calculator, GPS system, thermometer, altimeter, and even more.

I’m not going to tell you that these watches can be more expensive than analog because you can find digital watches for $20 or $2000, as easily as you can find an analog version for $20 or $2,000,000.

So price is no factor in comparing the two options.

Functionality is the Tiebreaker

Both analog and digital offer simple or complex functionality. The complications you can find on an analog watch may very easily rival the list of additional features you would find on any expensive digital counterpart.

So in terms of usefulness or convenience they both present their own exclusive pros and cons.

Depending upon how much you’ve chosen to spend on your watch, things like setting the time, date, or accessing the functions or complications within can be simple or complex, based on the mechanics and manufacture of your timepiece.

So while analog and digital are both very unique from one another, there really is no clear cut choice as to one being better than the other. It’s all in how you see it for your own personal use and the reasons you’re buying a certain kind of wrist-watch in the first place.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Buying Watches

I know a guy who owns eighteen different watches. He matches them to his wardrobe each day, carefully considering how it looks with the clothes he’s chosen to wear.

analog and digital watchWhether it’s a fancy suit or he’s got a T-shirt and jeans on, this dude always has the right watch for the occasion. When I asked him about all of these watches and why or how he came about procuring so many, he answered back with a simple straightforward answer:

With women, it’s about shoes. For men, it’s watches. Both reflect distinct personalities within our gender, no matter what your social status happens to be. Ours are just more comfortable to wear each day.

Watch buying can become an obsession. I know a lot of guys who like to collect various different things, and watches happen to be the most common. I guess it’s because there are so many unique styles and versions available.

I know some women who have so many pairs of shoes, they hardly ever get around to actually wearing them all. But watches offer a more personal connection to the owner. Maybe it’s because of how and where they happen to be worn? Perhaps it’s because guys choose watches that can be worn for different occasions, much like the way women choose their shoes, of course.

There are certainly enough styles to choose from, aviator, dive, military, tactical, and each style offered by some of the best manufacturers, all with their own version and original twist on that certain kind of watch. Of course, you only have two arms and who wears more than one watch at a time anyway?

But for the guy who has an active lifestyle that includes a variety of outfits on a day to day basis, be it workout gear, business attire, formal wear, or just casual dress, a collection of watches can be a vital part of your grooming and appearance.

The only drawbacks can be cost (a watch collection can get rather pricey, even if you’re only buying brands that run less than a few hundred bucks), and then the nagging difficulty of choosing which one goes with your day or evening wear.

But just think, at least your shoe collection is a lot easier to navigate than that of your girlfriend or wife.

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