Gift Giving: Things to Consider with a Watch

Superstitions. Seems like everyone has them. Some are more prevalent than others, for instance, you just don’t walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors. Then there’s that whole shattering mirrors thing. When it comes to gift-giving, there are a few items that you’re supposed to avoid. Shoes, for one. An empty wallet.

a classic timepiece makes an excellent giftThey say giving someone a watch as a gift is bad luck. Why you ask? The gesture refers to time running out on your relationship with that person. It emphasizes the idea of time running out with that person. It even goes a step further in Chinese cultures, the pronunciation of the word “clock” in Mandarin has the same phonetic sound as the word “end”, and thus it implies finality.

But maybe you don’t subscribe to such silly doggerel. You don’t believe that superstitions actually exist. Then by all means, read on.

A watch can be a beautiful and thoughtful present to any loved one. But there a few things you want to think through first. Superstitions aside, the idea of a watch as a gift is supposed to reflect the style and personality of the person receiving it. There may be good reasons for giving them a watch as well, beyond the symbolic significance of the gesture.

A classic timepiece can be a long-standing reminder of your love or friendship, something the wearer can remember you by each time they look at it.

So when you’re choosing the right kind of watch for that special someone, here are a few things to consider when you’re making your selection:

 The Type of Watch

You can go with analog, which is often considered to be more sophisticated and stylish by many consumers. The dial contains hour and minute hands and can be very simple or extremely ornate, containing jewels and made of precious metals. Not all of them are like that, however, but an analog watch in general is often considered to be a more formal option.

analog watch in a gift boxIt can be worn for every occasion but is widely accepted with formal-wear and other apparel in which someone has to “dress up” Digital has its own benefits, bright LED screens that make reading the time easier, especially in the dark in most cases, provide simple additional features. That’s not to say analog watches don’t contain some extra bells and whistles, they certainly do, but digital watches tend to have those enhancements more often.

  • Movement Options

You have some choices in the way the watch works but these elements can also affect the price you’re going to pay to purchase it. Quartz is the most common, and can be the least expensive. These run on a battery and require a minimal amount of maintenance, you just need to replace the battery. Automatic movement is self-powered through the movement of your wrist whenever you wear it. Then there’s mechanical, which requires some winding from time to time.

  • Your Recipient

Who are you buying this watch for? A significant other. Someone graduating from college. Maybe it’s for your Mom or Dad. Perhaps it’s for an old friend and the two of you have been through years of ups and downs together. Only you know the personality and style of each of these people. Your Mom may not like wearing flashy jewelry or your best friend is the rugged type, he might like a leather strap more than something made of metal. Know your recipient and think about that when you buy.

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