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A picture of me hiking in the woods in OregonHey! I’m Lance, the guys behind this Manly Watch Guide. I’ve been a collector of find and not-so-fine watches for decades. I remember my watch: a vintage Casio CA-90 Calculator watch that I got as a stocking stuffer from my Gran. I’m not exactly sure what I loved about that watch but I did love it. I used the built in alarm everyday and never missed a chance to show off the calculator. That watch was awesome and I still have it today. Don’t really use it any more but it has a lot of sentimental value.

Since then I’ve been collecting all sorts of bad-assed watches. I’m a pretty busy guy and love timepieces that can keep up. I dive, rock-climb, have a pilots license, and work as a forest ranger. I’m always on the go and need a watch that can keep up and won’t crap out on me if it takes a few hits.

My buddies are always asking me for advice about watches so I figured there must be other people out there with the same questions. Instead of spending all day trolling forums I’ve written a bunch of articles to help you find the perfect timepiece. Everyone is looking for something different but I hope you find the site useful.

I’d love feedback so be sure to send me a note using the contact form. Really, anything would be really helpful, good or bad. Or, if you have an awesome watch recommendation be sure to send it along.


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