A Look at the Apple Smart Watch

Now for something completely different. It’s been argued that the smartphone is killing the wristwatch. Many of us just refer to our phones when we want to know what time it is, and of course, with all of the other functions, conveniences, distractions, and communication options they afford, it’s no wonder we’re not wearing watches all that much. But Apple has taken a dramatic step in putting all of these things back onto our wrist, so now you can find everything you get in your smartphone exactly where your watch used to be.

the digital apple iwatch has the potential to revolutionize wrist watchesIt’s called, simply enough, the Apple Watch and it comes in three different versions, each designed to appeal to consumers with various lifestyles. There’s the standard version, a “Sport” version that comes equipped with strengthened glass and anodized aluminum, and the “Edition” which presents a more classic and sophisticated aesthetic and features an 18K gold case.

Of course, all of these watches offer multiple functionality, convenience, and all of the communication options you’d expect from your iPhone. That’s because it works in conjunction with your iPhone device, so you can text from your wrist, view apps and any other web-based services, and pretty much do anything and everything your phone can do. Since the watch is sitting on your wrist, it uses a gentle tap sensation against your skin to give you alerts and notifications.

Yes, the Watch can tell time. It employs a variety of technologies that interact with your phone to display the time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. It’s self-adjusting when you move between time zones and it will set the time automatically for daytime savings.

Apple designers created this product to have the same overall functionality options as any standard watch, but needed to have it emulate the iPhone in every way. They started by considering the design of the watch itself. The crown has long been the primary control of any watch, whether for winding the mechanics or adjustment, so Apple made the crown the entry point to their smart watch. You are able to zoom, scroll, and select anything on the screen, without covering or obscuring what you see. The crown of the Watch serves the same primary purpose as the click wheel on an iPod or the mouse on any Mac computer.

The home screen contains all of your apps and functions, just as your iPhone would, but on a considerably smaller display. It lets you access all of them with ease, on a user interface that you are already familiar with from the phone. The layout is somewhat different considering there is only so much real estate to work with on the face of a watch, but you will find it very similar.

Best of all, it marries your watch and your phone together into one device, capable of doing everything and anything you would want or expect from a mobile device. The Watch is not available yet, you have to wait until 2015 to get one, and right now they are only compatible with versions of the iPhone 5 or higher.

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