Must Have Diving Gear

Every veteran diver knows that there are some essential items you need before you head out on and into the water. This is a sport, more than most others, that relies on life-saving equipment to make sure your experience is safe and enjoyable. Submerging yourself underwater for extended lengths of time poses obvious hazards and risks, and if you encounter some type of trouble, you want all the right gear with you to ensure your health and safety.

scuba diver with all the gear necessary for a safe diveThat means you need to make a checklist of the necessities before you get on the boat. Here are but just a few of the important items you want to be sure you’ve got on hand. Obviously we won’t include items like a dive suit, tank air, and goggles, those are a given. But these are the crucial safety accessories you’ll want on hand in case things go wrong.

Pneumatic Alarm

This alarm system is attached between your BC’s inflator and disconnect hose, and is designed to send a piercing distress signal that can be heard from a mile away. They often have dual sounds, one is a horn for above water use, the other a distinct buzz so you can be detected under the water. Whichever one you need, you can be sure someone will know where you are and that you need help.

Backup Dive Computer

The dive computer is one of your most trusted and vital allies when you’re diving. Things can happen underwater, you can get lost, the currents can pick up, there are way too many variables down there to be unprepared, so a backup DC is something you definitely want to bring along with you. Just in case your first one meets some kind of untimely end, being caught without another is a bad idea.

a dive knife is a must have piece of equipment when doing scubaBackup Breather

Perhaps the item of paramount importance among all of the emergency gear you’ll want underwater is a backup breather. When things go wrong, they usually go wrong at the most inopportune times, like when you’re really down deep and your air peters out for some reason. You know, that thing you need to breathe, live, and survive. A backup breather will make sure you won’t die from lack of oxygen, and it’s the diver’s best friend.

Spare Air

Much like the backup breather, a spare air canister is just as important to your dive trip. This is an independent canister of oxygen that can come in handy to bail you out of any tough situation when your reg and/or tank aren’t working. A backup system can provide you those crucial breaths to get your back to the surface.

Dive Watch

There are plenty to choose from, of all prices, shapes, and sizes, but the elements any good dive watch must have is a water resistance of up to 200 meters, a bezel and a stopwatch function. Even more important is to make sure the watch can be seen underwater. It can get very dark down there, and unless your watch has some kind of light or luminescence in the dial, then it’s not going to do you much good when you need it the most – diving. Be sure it’s a dive watch before you make your purchase and strap it on before you hit the water.


This is obvious, you need a good torch at all times.

Dive Knife

You never know what’s down there or what type of trouble you may encounter, so bring a good dive knife along. Make sure it’s made of stainless steel so it won’t corrode, and it can fold shut and lock that way. You don’t want to cut yourself or any of your equipment by mistake.


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